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The Standard Since 1985


Often imitated but never duplicated. With over 7,300 installations and designed to exceed both initial and lifetime owner expectations, the Original OZARK Boat Lift® is the proven solution to protecting your investment—from Personal Watercraft to 34-foot, 15,000-pound Cruiser.

Designed for boat-owners...

Maximize your craft’s performance and longevity by keeping it safe from algae build-up, oils, foul weather hazards such as high winds and dock contact. With the OZARK Boat Lift®, your craft is easily and securely stored above the water surface until its next use.

…with dock-owners in mind

Because of our Lift’s unique design—and the fact that every Lift is tailored around your craft’s specifications—your boat's weight is carried almost entirely by the Lift itself.  The dock carries only a minor tongue weight (similar to most trailers) which means that very little stress is placed on the dock itself.  Adjustable mounting brackets allow the OZARK Boat Lift® to fit into virtually any size or shape slip.

Designed to exceed and outlast

Our frames are constructed of fully welded structural steel, painted with industrial enamel over high-solids rust-inhibiting primer, and available with either galvanized steel or molded ABS tanks.  Featuring an adjustable cradle system, carpeted bunks with UV protection, built-in GFIC circuitry and only a single major moving part—the OZARK Boat Lift® is virtually maintenance-free.

Operational simplicity by design

To store your craft, simply drive onto the lowered lift as if driving onto your trailer. The lift self-centers and stabilizes your craft with no need to tie-off all four corners. Exit and switch on the dock-mounted motor to raise your craft in less than one minute. Switch off the motor and close the motor-mounted quarter-turn marine Apollo shut-off valve(s) to maintain pressurization without worry of tank leakage. 

Rest assured knowing your investment is high, dry, and protected.


Conventional Boats

Pontoon Boats

Personal Watercraft


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